Late Bloomin'

I didn't think we could do it. With less than a minute left, I told wifey "we'll screw it up" (well, I dropped the F-bomb, but I digress...); even when Vince Carter hit that long bomb to give us the 94-92 lead, I was jut waiting for the Heat to crush our dreams.

Then my Nets pulled it out. We stuck it out in overtime, and pulled out the 107-103 win in Miami. And it was all guts. We were down 7 to be almost winning, and if it wasn't for the lax defense as regulation ran down (we could've kept that shot from going off), we would have had a really beautiful story.

Oh, did I mention that Dwayne Wade dropped 41 on us? Yeah, we overcame that adversity.

I laughed at Shaq fouling out (this is a recent trend of his, no?), but did not like Sean Williams' 5 fouls in 15 minutes last night. And forget that the Heat went into last night with a record of 6-19 or some nonsense. It's the moral victory.

Big up to Malik Allen for his solid performance last night. Those young guys can pull it out when they want to!

In another angle to this Heat vs. Nets game, Alonzo Mourning (remember he stiffed us after Jason Kidd begged for him to come to NJ?) will be out for the season - and possibly the rest of his career - due to his knee injury. At age 37, and with his on-again/off-again problems with his kidney, this is expected. Just sad to see him go - although anything I say his name, a bit of bile hits the back of my mouth.


This Saturday we have Baron Davis and the Warriors to deal with. Oh joy.

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