NBA Live: Houston Rockets vs. Dallas Mavericks 12/15/07

This is kind late, considering that the game was on Saturday but screw it. Let me tell you about my NBA Live experience anyway.

Me and my boy Scott hit up the game this time and braved the freezing cold temperatures (freezing by Houston standards). As we walked into the arena, we discussed the fortunes of both of our respective teams. Unlike my buddy Keith, Scott is a die hard Houston fan. Scott wasn't too pleased with Houston's sub-par record and this game did nothing to help brighten his demeanor. As is my usual custom, I scanned the crowd to see if there were any dimes in the house and did notice a trio of lovely ladies making their way court side. A quick glance at the Maverick's bench revealed that I wasn't the only one checking for ladies in the crowd as I saw one of the Mavs checkin' out those ladies. He handed a note to one of the members of the Mavs' staff...prah'lee orders to go get those ladies contact info. Ah, the life of an NBA player. But I digress.

The action on the court was pretty lackadaisical all game long. Josh Howard was a man among boys out there and scored at will. Dirk had a nasty two-hand dunk down the lane during the first half. The play of the game occurred in the first quarter though...Tracy McGrady drove to the basket and bumped knees with one of the Mavs. He played timid for the rest of the game. Pull up jumper after pull up jumper rained down from Tracy's hands and most didn't find their mark. The Rockets had zero fast breaks and that was mainly because Tracy would look at the point guard or whoever was dribbling the ball down, as if to say "You better not even think of running because I refuse to run with you." The had plenty of slow breaks, that's for sure. No fast breaks = no opportunities to get easy points. So yeah...Tracy walked around the court for the majority of the game, put that patented "Tracy wince" on his face and just looked generally like a bitch out there on the court. Yao played great on the other hand and did what he could to make the game respectable. Unfortunately, the Rockets don't have a point guard which adds to their troubles. Steve Francis got the surprise start and did nothing with his opportunity. It was sad to watch him out there. He just doesn't have it. I guess a little too much partying will do that to your game. Dah well.

I started falling asleep by the second quarter, woke up for the third in which I told Scott "whoever wins the third quarter will win this game." The Mavs went on to beat up on the Rockets, turning a three point halftime deficit into a seven point lead heading into the fourth quarter. I drifted off to sleep again with the Mavs up by 13 when Scott finally said "Let's get the fcuk outta here."

It was about 9 or 10 o'clock by that time so we chilled out before we hit up the the spot we saw Steve Francis and Chuck Hayes. And the Rockets continue to underperform.

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