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I guess I should talk about the bulls. Here goes...

F*ck the bulls.

Ahhh...how refreshing.

This season is over. Sure, we're only about 2.5 games out of the last playoff spot but who the hell cares? Who really wants to get the eight seed and get promptly swept out of the playoffs by the Boston Juggernauts? Not me.

The game against the Spurs the other night went pretty much the way that our other 15 losses went. We had a decent first quarter and then got blasted out of the building the rest of the way. The rotations didn't change and neither did the results. Ben Wallace played like George Wallace. Hinrich continues to be the worst point guard in the league. Ben Gordon and Luol Deng continue to show and prove that the bulls did the right thing by not signing them to massive deals. Tyrus Thomas still can't get in a game, and there is an amber alert out for Thabo Sefolosha. Another game, another L for the bulls.

Firing Skiles was only part of the problem. John Paxson went ahead and hired Skiles' top assistant to coach for rest of the season (in your face, Pete Myers!). The idea of Paxson firing Skiles and replacing him with Skiles-lite is baffling, but then again, nothing that this team has done in the last few years has been anything short of baffling. It's time to start firing some players and if that doesn't work, Paxson will be packing his bags. For good measure:

F*ck the bulls.

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khal said... December 28, 2007 at 10:06 AM  

hey, maybe next year?

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