What A Weekend

After all of the speculation of last week came to a head, Jason Kidd came forth and let it be known that, yes, he had a migraine, he is human, and needed a night off. The sad part is, there are a few heads out there who think trading Kidd is the best option, as if the team could function in the offense they've adapted to mainly because of Kidd! In this league, you need someone who can direct the team, be a true leader, and someone who gets things done. How is that NOT Jason Kidd? Side note: the recent batch of talk has shifted to Dallas being the spot for Kidd, tradewise, but I don't think that would be the right move if that WAS to go down.

Flash to Friday night, where the starting 4 scored 80 of Jersey's 89 points in this 96-98 romp with the Rockets, as well as committing 17 turnovers (Fishbone, you won this time). This loss prompted Richard Jefferson to let it be known that he's tired of the double-digit trailing, and is laying blame square on the starting 5 (he later downplayed his comments, saying he had some suggestions, but the situation looks back when two of your starting 5 are that cold in interviews, whether its 100% truth or not). It didn't matter, though, as Sunday night was more of the same nonsense, with NJ dropping 18 turnovers, pissing away the second half, getting trounced by the Wizards, 104 to 89. And get this: RJ only contributed 9 points. Wizards coach Eddie ("I'm not related to Michael") Jordan called this "gut-check basketball", but when you're on the winning end by double digits, how much of a gut check is it, really? Caron Butler of the Wizards had this shocking comment on the game:

"We're a team that's known for probably putting our guard down a little bit early and letting teams get back into the game, but tonight shows our maturity," Butler said. "It shows how much we've grown as a basketball team."
Sounds like the Nets, without that whole "growth" thing. And until we fix up, it will be the story of our (losing) season.

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