Would Jordan Get Served Today?

No disrespect to His Airness, but this shot from a recent Bobcat practice session that Michael Jordan was in on has MJ looking like someone's uncle. E showed me a pic of Jordan in action from the same session, and I had to ponder: could Michael Jordan run with the guys today... without HGH?

The question is immediately drawn: "Is this his comeback?", which I would totally frown upon. Putting on that #45 was bad enough; we don't need you being 45 on the court these days, no matter how badly Charlotte plays. I mean, cats were quoted with saying MJ would "be effective", but putting up 15 a game isn't being effective to his legacy, it's counter-productive, and fodder for crazy ribbing from the most hardcore roundball writer to the random Perez Hilton-esque blogger, just commenting for hits.

Basically, this is my letter to Air Jordan: don't come back. Keep on the suit, stay in the booth, and play the game behind the desk. Make your sons your next stars, live through them. Don't muddy up my image of you and your reign.

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Fishbone said... December 19, 2007 at 7:17 PM  

He clearly stated that he was just trying to provide some pointers during that practice session...NOT COMEBACK.

I know he's got that competitive fire going, but I think he knows his time is yet to come...IN THE OWNER'S BOX.

the J looked sweet, still.

khal said... December 19, 2007 at 9:48 PM  

a clear statement from a celebrity is about as believable as a tally of crack sales on a rap disc.

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