Nets Notes (26th December 2007)

Sean Williams has been getting his game tight, looking like a star in the rookie rankings. Check out the NBA Video love he's been getting, mainly for his blocks.

Here's the rundown since the last time I posted about my home team:

  • We stomped on the Warriors on the 21st of December, getting a 100-95 win at home. Jason Kidd recorded his 94th triple double that night, and with Vince (23 pts) and Jefferson (31 pts), our "Big Three" pulled in solid performances at the end. Josh Boone came up gold that night as well, ringing in 19 pts and 13 boards! If we could only get that kind of game night in and night out...
  • On the Trade Talk scene, ESPN's Weekend Dime spoke on the Nets being willing to trade Carter away, but his contract is a trip. I doubt that happening, though - NJ needs Carter's points, even if his numbers are a tad bit down this year (I'm going to chalk it up right now to his ankle problems). Kidd talk was still live and well, with a rumor that the Lakers want to go 3-for-1, sending Kwame Brown, Vladimir Radmanovic and Jordan Farmar to NJ for Kidd. Again I just don't see that happening - I'd imagine the Nets would like to get some quality (or some $$$) for Kidd as opposed to Kwame Brown (Phil Jackson says to neevr think of a trade like this a "ludicrous"). The Cavs and Nuggets are also on the horizon, but come on, Kidd and A.I. on the same team? There's even talk of the Magic wanting Kidd, the recent exit of Scott Skiles is being seen as an indicator for Kidd in a bulls uniform,
  • Expect NBDL baller Billy Thomas, who recently got brought up, to be in uniform tonight for the Nets/Pistons game.
  • Finally, with recent news of Jay-Z's departure as president of Def Jam, it looks like Hov wants to spend more time with his investment, i.e. the Nets. What can that mean, exactly? Aside from bringing the Nets to Brooklyn, what else will he do? Freeway concerts during half-time? NJ Nets edition S.Carter Lows? That'd be the truth.

I'll get into tonight's game tomorrow. Holla back.

PS: You gotta love how two Nets plays were both #1 and #2 on the NBA's Top 2007 Amazing Plays list. Peep that #1, E.

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