Something's Gotta Give

Should I even bother going on about this game, the 8th game lost at the IZOD Center in the last 8 home games played? The continued downward slide we're on? The fact that, with about 1 and a half minutes left in the 4th, we had only scored 5 points? Or is it the airball that Carter threw up in the 4th (boo, Vince, boo)? When the deal went down, the scoreboard read 91-82, and no matter how many $10 ticket deals the Nets throw out there, no one is trying to watch the home team lose. If the starting 5 can't show up to play, why should they expect the fans to?

What's the point of playing? What's good with 32% shooting from the field? Not surprising to anyone, Jason Kidd got another triple-deuce, and Sean Williams did not play. Speaking of Kidd, during the ESPN Coast To Coast coverage, the big discussion was on Dallas now wanting to get Jason Kidd if a trade situation came up (even though other sources say this isn't going down), but my thing is, I'm not sure if Kidd wants to really do that. The whole "end where I started" mantra is nice, but you also left on ill terms. Why go back? It may sound like I'm pleading... I am.

And I'm not supposed to panic? I guess the good news is that the Nets' Brooklyn Arena won't be up until 2010 now. I wonder if Jay-Z will perform "Hello Brooklyn 2.0" to celebrate?

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