Still waiting on that "B" 8-13

Yeah, I've been away from providing the bulls recaps, but that's kind of by design. You see, we're creeping up on finally reaching .500 for the season and every time it looks like we're about to reach that mark we catch a head-scratching L.

Immediately following our victory over the Pistons we faced the Boston Juggernauts, I mean Celtics. Their Big 3 didn't really go off on us, but the supporting cast for the C's stepped up and drilled a spike in our collective hearts. When you've got Rajon Rondo going off on your back court you know you're in for a long night. Needless to say, we became another notch on the belt of Boston.

Lucky for us, we got a chance to face a team that we had a solid chance of beating in the Seattle Supersonics. Those kids in Seattle are young and haven't had the best season in the world but Kevin Durant has shown flashes of greatness. Unfortunately, we weren't having any of that ish and stomped them out for our biggest win of the season. Ben Gordon started off on fire and never looked back. Four out of five starters reached double figures and helped pace the bulls win.

Would the momentum carry over into the next game? Well, for about a quarter and a half we looked awesome against the new millenium Jailblazers. Halfway through the second quarter, the Pacers decided to lock and load and blast us out of their building. Yeah, I know. Tyrus Thomas also decided it would be a fine time for him to get back in Scott Skiles' dog house by getting ejected from the game after a brief scuffle with Troy Murphy.

The game turned into another fine collapse out from the bulls and showed just how far we have to go as a team.

Friday night was a chance at redemption. We could either sink to new lows, or redeem ourselves from both blowing the Pacers game and losing to the Knicks a few weeks back. Fortunately, Luol Deng came to play last night as he dropped 29 points and pulled down 10 boards.

Kirk Hinrich stepped it up in a MAJOR way, notching his second career triple double - 15 points, 12 rebounds, and 14 assists. Nice. Nocioni was solid off the bench with 17 points. We got bruised on the inside as Zach Randolph rumbled to 27 points and 15 rebounds, while Fred Jones dropped in 22 points together with Jamal Crawford's 18. Solid performances from the Knicks weren't enough to knock of the bulls at the U.C. Unfortunately, we almost blew this game as well and late-game free throws from Kirk saved the day. So far to go...

Next on the schedule are the Lakers on Tuesday, the Wizards on Wednesday, and the Celtics on Friday.

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