Both Ends Are Ugly

This weekend glorified, in both winning and losing, how ugly the Nets can be.

First off, there's no reason why we should be just eeking out a 94-92 OVERTIME win against the Sixers. That's just not even on my radar right now. They played poorly in the first half, and as a result were neck and neck with Philly, despite solid scoring from guys like Vince Carter (24 points off the bench) and RJ, who helped climb out of an 18 point hole. And the bad thing is, it wasn't like OT got any prettier - we won off foul shots. FOUL SHOTS! TO THE SIXERS! Come on... but I guess a W is a W, and a broken home-game losing streak is alright with me. That was Saturday night.

Roll onto Sunday afternoon, with a definite challenge in the Pistons. 23 point loss, in Detroit. I am not surprised that we lost, hell, I was shocked when we were up in the first quarter. The "Big Three" did well, with Carter back in the line-up, and Jason Kidd dishing out 16 dimes, but we lead in turnovers (13). We just let ourselves go, didn't get the buckets we needed to, nor did we keep on top of the rebounds as well as the Pistons did. A loss is a loss, but an ugly loss hurts to the bone...

Tomorrow we're in Cleveland, followed by Wednesday night's romp with the Knicks. With Lebron hurt and the Knicks sorry, we might be able to crawl out with two Ws, but we'll see.

In Jason Kidd news, the rumor mill flew around this weekend. NetsDaily reported that Kidd tried to get a 1 year, $24 million contract extension (which would have had him in a Nets uniform when they hope to land in Brooklyn), but was rebuffed, saying that the Nets didn't want to shell out that kind of loot for a 37 year old. Word came out early this morning that Kidd stated he did NOT ask for an extension, but some say that both Kidd and his agent tried for a smaller number. Rod Thorn says his relationship with Kidd is solid, but there's been too much talk recently for everything to be "coo de la". If I could be head of the Nets organization for a day, Kidd could get whatever he wanted (within reason). Then again, that's logical, and we know how sports team owners work...

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