Killer Crossover (Dec. 12th 2007)

  • Isaish Thomas and the New York Knicks will not be getting any punishment from the league over the recent sexual harassment fiasco.
  • You gotta love how Jason Williams' lawyers got all Johnnie Cochran on a prosecution investigator. We'll see if lightning can strike twice.
  • TJ Ford has been cleared after the hard hit he took last night.
  • Pacers Coach Jim O'Brien refrained from disciplining Jamaal Tinsley, saying he did nothing wrong. I guess there's no punishment for immaturity, though. The thing that cracks me up about those who are confused as to why Tinsley is being berated is this: if Tinsley didn't wear a Pacers uniform, this would be a different story. His status makes people forgive him, whereas any other young Black male in that situation who does NOT play professional ball (or college ball for that matter) would get the motherlode of "what were you doing"/"what are you thinking" questions. The fact that Tinsely didn't fire a gun or is allowed to be out at 3AM does not excuse the fact that he should know better, given that this is the third time he's been in a situation like this. [BONUS: ESPN has a timeline of that night's events.]
  • Allen Iverson wants to stay a Nugget until he is 39.

Any other pertinent news? Got any thoughts on what's going on in the league? Comment us!

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