Bon Voyage, Billy King

I chuckled to see the local Philly news this morning, making the wishes of many 76er fans come true: Billy King, who has been in high-ranking positions for the Philadelphia 76ers' organization since 1997, has finally been canned (to be replaced by Ed Stefanski, who was the GM and talent scout for the Nets), and while guys like Patrick Cassidy at Dime are estatic, I don't really see this as being a definite upgrade for the Sixers:

  • While Ed Stefanski has been instrumental in getting guys like Richard Jefferson and Vince Carter to the Nets, how many championships has he helped attain?
  • What makes anyone want to possibly play for Philly? They are a young team with guys who fit under the "shoulda-coulda" title. At least when C. Webb was grabbed, he had Allen Iverson to look out for. Who wants to be down with Kyle Korver?
  • Was King the only reason the Sixers were never what they should have been? I know he was "handcuffed" by Larry Brown, but it seems like all over, money got misspent, and possible trades were fumbled (again, who wants to be in Philly?)...

I guess this could be the organization just putting up their hands and screaming "ENOUGH!", but until the 76ers turn around, this won't be seen as anything special.

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