Patiently Waiting

That's a skill I've learned, being a Nets fan since Derrick Coleman was a rookie. When you come to realize that most teams are truly just getting by, waiting to either get an ill player to make it all pop, or just lose enough to get a good draft pick, you can rest easy knowing that, hey, these games don't matter...

Who am I kidding?! All of these games matter, but do you think New Jersey is playing that way? Let's recap the last week in the Nets' life:

  • News of Eddie Gill getting waived hit on the 12th. He wasn't a star, and with Darrell Armstrong & Marcus Williams on the way back, the room for a 4th PG was lacking.
  • Rod Thorn let it be known that he is not even trying to hear offers for Jason Kidd... at this time. He did let it be known that the Nets need to turn things around, and fast, with speculation being that a trade is in the works.
  • Kidd and Vince Carter were 2nd and 3rd in the Eastern Conference All-Star voting, which is weird. You'd think someone as old as Kidd, who can't get an equal in trade talk, wouldn't even be on anyone's radar...
  • Speaking of Kidd, Jane Doe is suing him for groping her butt and crotch at a nightclub. I'd imagine he didn't do this, I mean that sounds crazy weird, but who knows...
  • Friday the 14th saw the Nets pummel the Cavs on both sides of the court, getting a 105-97 win at home. Sean Williams suited up and came off the bench to much praise; Carter & RJ dropped 32 and 24, respectively, in a great second half performance.
  • Saturday the 15th found the Nets getting rocked by the Knicks, in New York, in an offense-less 94-86 loss. With Jefferson knocking down 14(!?!?!) points on 7-21 shooting, you can just think of how bad the rest of the squad did. Poor performance.

Which takes us to last night's disappointing loss to the Kings. The end score was close (106-101), but with the Nets delivering 22 turnovers (half coming from Kidd and Jefferson), as well as our apparent inability to defend the three point shot (Sactown was something like 13-for-21 from downtown), and us letting John Salmons come up with a career-high 31 point night, it just wasn't in the cards. S-Dub did come up with 11 points, 7 boards and 8 blocks in his start last night, but sadly it was the only true highlight to another game we could have won, given we tightened it up.

We're now at 10-15, when we should be over .500 right now. Sadly, without some change (whether it be with the bodies in the uniforms or the brains in their heads), we will continue to get by like Kweli. There's no reason, in a conference as scattershot as the East, for the Nets to not be capitalizing. We're a top team but that's in the sack of losers. We can do it, but when will we realize that?

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