Consistently inconsistent @ 12-11

Dec. 7 @ NJ Nets W 96-89
T-Mac goes for 25, Yao adds 24. We lead from tip to finish. A good road win (and big for staff bragging rights).

Dec. 9 @ Toronto L 93-80
The first half of this game was a carbon copy of the effort against the Nets a few nights back. Then came halftime. Outscored in the 2nd half 59-35. Yep, that's an ass kicking right there. I would love to say that a major case of food poisoning struck the boys at halftime, but naah, we just got our ass kicked.

Dec. 10 @ Philly L 100-88
The illness from Toronto made it's way to Philly the next night. We played like 3 day old milk left out on the counter...STANK! Bonzi went nuts for 24 off the bench. Yeah, that's about it.

Dec. 12 v. Detroit W 80-77
6 for 22. Free At one point we were 1 for 15 from the stripe. We did everything we could possibly do to GIVE this game away, but somehow managed to hold on for the win. By far, one of the best defensive performances of this early season holding Motown to 36% from the floor. Early in the 3rd this one looked like we would run away with it, but the Pistons are an elite team for a reason.

I was glad to see Yao being a bit critical of his teammates following the loss in Philly. Although I felt it was a bit funny with him urging his squad to not play so soft, when he's been just as equally criticised throughout his first few years in the league for being just softie! Yao, when you start dunking the ball EVERYTIME you get within 3-4 feet of the hoop (a la SHAQ) then, and ONLY THEN should you be calling anyone else soft.

Huge two home games against Dallas & Orlando coming up. Let's get these "W's".

and there it is...

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