Why Show Up?

The funniest thing about last night's 101-83 win (which gave the Pistons a six-game winning streak) was Richard Jefferson looking like a black Nosferatu.

The Pistons had this one wrapped in the 3rd quarter. By the end of that quarter, they had a solid double-digit lead on us, and even though they only hit 4 more points than we did in the 4th, our constant game of catch-up came back to haunt us, again. And we ended up being the 7th team in a row that got held to under 90 points by the Pistons. Not that we even tried: Carter had like 5 or 6 points in the entire 2nd half, Jeff-eratu had 18 points, and Kidd missed all 8 of his shots (although he had 13 dimes). Vince spoke of last nights game, but the following quote plays perfect for many of our losses:

"They turned it up and we didn't match the intensity and level they brought in the second half," said Carter, who was limited to five shots in the second half. "They just made it tough for us."

We were just nothing special, period. We accumulate 15 turnovers, no real "oomph", and just down right didn't bring it. Did someone not get what they wanted for Christmas?

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